why comfortbilt?


Power, plain and simple. We've been working hard building a solid standing in the pellet stove industry. ComfortBilt has built its reputation on dependable pellet stoves that are higher quality to Harman or any other pellet stove brand out there in the industry. We are backed by undeniable power and innovation. Seriously reliable heat and distinctive styling details that are as unique as they are unforgettable. With best consumer reviews, technology, and the widest range of BTU and fuel types in the business, ComfortBilt is the comfort of any home. "Building quality comforts at affordable prices," that’s our motto.


Townhouse or cabin, urban or suburban, ComfortBilt is the heating source for any walk of life with the highest rated consumer pellet stove reports of 2016. We beat Harman Pellet Stoves! Our stunning ComfortBilt flame, wide range of BTUs for any sized home or environmentally safe burn with lower emissions are prefect examples. With our combustion system, the burn is longer-lasting, utilizing four stages that use up every available amount of material within the firebox. Pellets provide an eco-friendly flame, and give you that hands-on experience without getting your hands dirty. Reliable, durable and highly efficient. ComfortBilt Pellet Stove has features and benefits with the lavish looks at half the price of a Harman Stove or any other competitor stove. ComfortBilt's mission is to provide the best pellet stove product and service to all of our customers at a reasonable price.


ComfortBilt Pellet Stoves is a design focused company - with our online store we're able to reach all customers in the United States. We understand what styles our customers want and we know what they need in order to heat their home of any size. We pride ourselves at being the highest quality fireplace line anywhere today at half the price.


The full ComfortBilt line up has been designed so that there is an easy walkthrough process when setting up your brand new pellet stove. All aspects of the design and manufacturing process involve the finest materials, full testing and quality control you install out of the box perfectly the first time.


A full complement of design tools including Pellet Stove Design, Product Manuals, Idea Generator tools and product training are available both online and at the end of an email or phone. We understand that your success means our success and in that sense we want to build quality comforts for each of our customers.